Sony T90 Underwater Digital Camera

I went out looking for a waterproof digital camera the other day, and I wasn’t disappointed with what I found. The Sony T90 is an underwater digital camera straight out of my dreams – it’s powerful, it can go anywhere I can, and it has all the features I’ll need to grab the best shots I can imagine. I’m not a professional photographer, but the T90 lets me pretend I am.

My biggest requirement for an underwater still camera was that it has to be easy to use. Obviously, I’ve got enough on my plate just carrying it down there while I’m in scuba gear. At a moment like that, I don’t want to have to be wrestling with my camera and trying to remember how to perform all kinds of complicated functions. I just want to get my Jacques Cousteau on – the best pics I can find out there, snapped up for posterity (starting with my Facebook page). And the T90 is absolutely perfect for that – just point and shoot, couldn’t be easier.

But for an underwater digital camera, I need more than just ease of use. It has to be powerful. This is why I was shopping for a waterproof digital stills camera, instead of just one of those “one off” film varieties you can buy at a drug store. I’m a child of the 21st century, after all – I want to take a pic and see it RIGHT NOW. If I didn’t get a great shot (or if I accidentally got my thumb in it), I can just take another one.

The T90 is perfect for making sure my shots are as close to pro quality as humanly possible. It’s got a 12 megapixels image sensor – that means it can turn what I see with it into twelve million pixels – I could make posters out of less resolution than that. And keep in mind that it’s still an underwater digital camera, so I can get awesome shots even when I go scuba diving.

And I don’t know about you, but I was a little worried at first that the T90 wouldn’t be able to go too deep. After all, a lot of waterproof digital cameras are only good down to about 10 meters (if even that). But with the T90, I’m good down to 40 meters! I don’t even dive that far most of the time, but I’m going to challenge myself now. With the included underwater light, who knows what kinds of pics I can bring back with me?

Simply put, if you’re looking for a waterproof digital stills camera, the Sony T90 Waterproof Camera is your best bet.